Embedding Photos, videos, audios, gallery from bp-gallery in the blog post

Embedding Photos, videos, audios, gallery from bp-gallery in the blog post



Currently, BP Gallery enables you to use shortcodes to embed the media into your blog posts. It’s easy and versatile. There is only one shortcode and you can use a combination of parameters to embed what you want.


Sample short code

[bp-gallery param1=”something”  param2=”something” ….]

where “bp-gallery” is the shortcode and param1/param2 are various arguments as described below:-

Available arguments:-

  • owner_type:- optional. Its value could be [user/groups/events]. It will depend on whether you want to embed user galleries or group galleries or events gallery/media
  • show:-Optional. default value is “gallery”. It controls whether to embed some galleries or media . Possible values are :-gallery/media
  • owner_id:- optional. In case you know the owner id[i.e user id/group id], I am sure you won’t be using this argument, If you are specifying the owner_id, you must specify the “owner_type”
  • owner_slug:- optional. This is actually the user name /group slug whose gallery/media you want to embed, depending on the owner type, you can either specify a user name[e.g admin for admin’s gallery] or group slug[e.g test-group for including test group’s galleries]. Please note, if you are specifying owner_slug, you should always specify the owner_type
  • gallery_id:- optional, In case you are a database pro and feel very much inclined to use the knowledge, otherwise just do not use it. It there just for option.
  • gallery_slug:- optional,  If you want to embed all the media of a gallery in your post, you can specify the gallery slug[you can check it in the url], It’s easy, but It needs you to use the show=”media” and you must specify owner type and owner slug/id
  • orderby:- optional, possible values[ date/random/alphabet]
  • type: optional, you can use it to limit the type of embedded media. possible values [photo/video/audio]
  • max:- optional how many you want to show, by default is set to 5

Please note, gallery slug can be only used when you want to really embed media from a gallery. Also note, the requirement like some of the options must be specified in order to use others. Now let us see some examples:-


Embedding galleries:-

Embed 5 most recently updated sitewide galleries

[bp-gallery orderby=”date”  max=”5″]

Include 5 most recently updated user galleries

[bp-gallery owner_type=”user”  max=”5″  orderby=”date” ]

Embedding 5  galleries of a user in the post

[bp-gallery owner_type=”user” owner_slug=”admin”  ]

It will embed the 5 galleries of admin[admin is the username ] into the post.

Now, let us only include 3 photo gallery

[bp-gallery owner_type=”user” owner_slug=”admin” type=”photo” max=”3″  ]

The above code filters the gallery type to photo and includes only 3 galleries.

Including Group galleries in the post:-

Include 5 most recently updated group galleries:-

[bp-gallery owner_type=”groups” max=”5″ ]

Embed 5 galleries from  a group Test whose lug is “test-group” to post

[bp-gallery owner_type=”groups” owner_slug=”test-group”  ]

Now , let us include 4 photo gallery from test group

[bp-gallery owner_type=”user” owner_slug=”admin”  type=”photo”  max=”4″]

Similarly you can do for video/audio.

…..and so on. Please experiment and let me know in forums what we need to improve.

Embedding media:-

For including media, you must specify the show=”media” in the shortcode

Include most recently updated 10 photos from users

[bp-gallery show=”media” owner_type=”user” orderby=”date”   type=”photo” max=”10″  ]

So, to include 10 most recent photos of admin, we will do something like this

[bp-gallery show=”media” owner_type=”user” owner_slug=”admin”   type=”photo” max=”10″  ]

Include 10 most recent photos from groups

[bp-gallery show=”media” owner_type=”groups”    type=”photo” max=”10″  ]

Include 10 Most recent Photos from  test-group

[bp-gallery show=”media” owner_type=”groups” owner_slug=”test-group”   type=”photo” max=”10″  ]

Include  5 images from  a gallery named test gallery[slug:test-gallery] belonging to Use xyz with username “xyz”

[bp-gallery show=”media” owner_type=”user” owner_slug=”xyz”  gallery_slug=”test-gallery”   max=”10″  ]

….and so on. Please keep exploring while I am updating the docs :)