BuddyPress and Breadcrumb Trail Plugin Compatibility – Updated

If you are using newer version of BuddyPress(2.6.0 or newer), My old code for adding breadcrumb for BuddyPress components won’t work. It is due to the change in the way BuddyPress Nav items are handled now. A few years ago, I created a better solution for our Community Builder theme and the Breadcrumb Trail plugin. …

BuddyPress Activity Without Read More

Do you want to diable the Read More link from the BuddyPress activity entry and show the complete activity content? if yes, you may use the following code. All we are doing is asking BuddyPress to not trim the entries. Have fun!  

Limit BuddyPress User and Group Avatar File size

You all know that you can limit the dimension of BuddyPress avatars using the constatnts as exlained here. It is also possible to limit the file size(allowed upload size) for the BuddyPress Avatar. Here is the code that you can put in your bp-custom.php Short and sweet. That’s BuddyPress for you!

Redirect WordPress Author Archive to BuddyPress Profile

Need to redirect from users’s WordPress post archive page to their BuddyPress profile? It’s easy. You can put the following code into bp-custom.php or in your theme’s functions.php You can even redirect to specific user profile tab(component). For example, we can redirect to the view profile page by changing $redirect_url to or you can even …

Moderate BuddyPress user profile photo uploads with BuddyPress Avatar Moderator

Do you want to moderate the user profile photo uploads on your BuddyPress Site? If yes, you can use the BuddyPress Avatar Moderator plugin to moderate user profile photos and group display photos for BuddyPress. Features:- BuddyPress User profile photo moderation/BuddyPress User avatar moderation. BuddyPress group display photo moderation(BuddyPress Group avatar moderation) You can either …