After activating the BuddyPress Message Restrictions plugin,  Please visit Dashboard->Settings->Message Restrictions to configure the message sending restrictions.

Message Setting Restrictions:-

This section contains various options that helps you restrict users from sending messages.

1. Restrict sending new message? You can use it to enable or disable restrictions on sending new messages. All other message sending restriction options are only applicable if it is enabled.

2. Who can send? By default, all users can send new messages. This option will allow you to restrict sending new messages by User roles.

Example:- Here is an example showing when only “Administrator” role is enabled.


3. Message shown to sender:- This is the notice which will be shown to the sender if they can not send new message.

1. Apply threshold limit? This option allows you to set a maximum limit on the number of messages allowed. You can disable to set no limit for the allowed roles.

2. How many messages you can send:- If threshold is enabled, this is the maximum number of messages allowed.

3. Apply duration? You can either set a limit for the lifetime or use this option to apply the limit for a certain duration. It allows you to setup a rate limiter like 20 messages per day.

4. During the time(in a minute):- If apply duration and threshold is enabled, it allows you to setup the duration after which the limit will be reset.

5. Notice to show when the threshold limit reached:- This is the notice message shown to a user after they reach the threshold.