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BuddyPress Message Restrictions advance options allow you to restrict users for sending new messages based on their roles. To enable this option please visit Message Restrictions->General->Advance and enable by role option.

Here is a screenshot showing Advance options.

After enabling by role option you can see tabs according to roles.

Here is a screenshot showing options according to roles.

1. Enable/Disable:- If you want custom message restrictions settings for Adminsitor you have to enable the option. This option override the general settings.

New MessageĀ  Restrictions:-

2. Restrict sending messages by Administrator:- You can restrict Administrator sending new messages.

3. Which role can receive a message:- You have to set a users role who can receive new messages.

4. Apply threshold limit? This option allows you to set a maximum limit on the number of messages allowed. You can disable to set no limit for the allowed roles.

5. How many new messages administrator can send:- you have to set a new message sending limit for the administrator.

6. Apply duration:- You can either set a limit for the lifetime or use this option to apply the limit for a certain duration. It allows you to setup a rate limiter like 5 messages per day.

7. During the time(In minutes):- you have to set duration time in minutes.

Reply Restrictions:-

BuddyPress Message Reply Restrictions section allows you to configure restrictions for the Administrator reply to messages.

1. Restrict making reply by Administrator:- Apply restrictions on Administrator while making replies.

2. Which role can receive replies from Administrator:- Allow users according to roles who can receive messages from Administrator.

3. Apply threshold limits? This option allows you to set a maximum limit on the number of messages allowed. You can disable to set no limit for the allowed user role.

4. How many replies Administrator can make:- Set how many replies the Administrator did.

5. Apply duration? If you enabled the duration limit will be applied to Administrator.

6. During the time(In Minutes):- Set the duration in minutes for Administrator

Receiving Restrictions:-

BuddyPress Receiving Message Restrictions for Administrator has the following options.

1. Restrict message receiving by Administrator? You can apply a restriction on receiving messages on Administrator

2. Allowed roles:- Allow users to send messages to Administrators based on their roles.