MediaPress Media Moderator

Keep your media managed with the moderation tools.
Automatic moderation & community-assisted reporting and moderation with proper workflow.

Complete solution

Moderate all media by default and/or let the community members report for the unwanted media.

Community Driven

You can let your site members do the reporting and set up automatic hiding after a threshold.

Customizable Workflow

Keep everyone in the loop with the customizable email notifications.

Great Support

We are here to help. Let us know in our forums and we will promptly assist you.
MediaPress Media Moderator
  • Version: 1.0.8
  • Author: BuddyDev
  • Compatible with: MediaPress 1.3+
  • Tested Upto: MediaPress 1.4.4
  • Last Updated: Monday, 03 December, 2018

Complete content moderation solution for user uploaded media.

Simple & Effective.

  • Moderate all types of media (photos, videos, audios, documents, etc.).
  • Moderate all media on upload (add to a moderation queue) and/or.
  • Let the community members help you moderate.

Take Control of the workflow.

  • Decide when to hide media.
  • Can put a threshold before media gets hidden or hide on upload.
  • Control who gets notified when.
  • Can be easily extended further.

Customizable Email Notifications.

  • Notify the admin of the new report.
  • Notify admin when media is being hidden.
  • Notify users when their media is hidden.
  • Notify users when their media is restored.
  • Notify users when their media is removed.
  • Enable/Disable and customize the contents of each email.

Simple & Intuitive moderation interface.

  • Simple interface for managing moderation queues.
  • Easily view all the reports.
  • Easy to restore/delete media.

Use MediaPress Moderator with Confidence.

100% supported

It's fully supported by our dedicated team.

30 days money-back guarantee

We are so confident with our product that we offer 30 days money-back guarantee. No questions asked!

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Does it allow moderating all media types?

Yes, It does. It allows moderating all media types(photo, video, audio, documents, etc.) which are recognized by MediaPress.

Does it allow moderating for users, groups & sitewide media?

Yes, It does. It allows moderation for all supported MediaPress component types (Currently User, Groups, Sitewide galleries).

Can I control when to hide a media?

Yes, you can. You can set a custom threshold for hiding media. When the no. of reports reach the threshold, media is hidden.

Can I require moderation of all uploaded media?

Yes, you can. If you enable "Add to moderation queue on upload" in settings, all newly uploaded media will be held in moderation and will be viewable only when the site admin approves them.

Can I customize emails?

Yes. You can enable/disable notifications for all the actions and customize the subject/content for each of the emails.

Is it translatable?

Yes, It is. The plugin includes a PO file that you can translate into your locale language.

Where can I find more details?

You can read our installation guide and Usage documentation for more details.

What is the minimum MediaPress version required?

It needs MediaPress 1.2.0 or above.

What if I need more features?

You can hire our team to assist you.