MediaPress Local Transcoder

MediaPress Local Transcoder allows you to transcode your videos into h.264 format and makes the videos playable over web using any html5 video player.

What it does:-

This plugin converts uploaded videos into encoding format that browsers can understand(most browsers do). It also generates preview thumbnail for videos and updates them as video cover.


  1. Video Conversion to h.264 format.
  2. Preview/cover image generation for videos.

Admin/Management Features:-

  1. Asynchronous conversion queue:- Video conversion is a resource intensive task. That's why we do not convert videos immediately on upload. Instead, we add it to a queue which is later processed using cron job.
  2. Conversion history/log:- It keeps the conversion log and let you see the current status of the videos, converted, error and re-queue them.
  3. Bulk Queuing:- For previously uploaded videos, you can use bulk queuing to queue them all for conversion. Admins can add old uploaded videos to the queue by easily.
  4. Retry:- In case a video did not convert for some reason, you can re enqueue it again.


After adding videos to the gallery(without this plugin):-

After Video conversion:-

Admin screenshots queue table:

History/Log table:


    • VPS or dedicated hosting. This plugin will not work on shared hosting.
    • FFMPEG
    • You will need to setup cronjob using crontab


Video transcoding is a resource intensive task. Local encoding is not recommended for sites with high number of uploads. For moderate number of uploads(say 1000 videos per day, with some length limit), should work fine.


Due to the nature of this plugin, we do not offer free support for this plugin. If it is not working, you need to troubleshoot your environment. The most probably issue is FFMPEG or codecs. Paid support is available(For Linux based hosting) where we can install/configure FFMPEG on your server. For paid support, Please see the buy support option in the right side.

Note:- Support for this plugin is not included with our membership package. You need to purchase the support separately for this plugin.


The project is available on Github. We welcome all kind of contributions(code, ideas anything else, all are welcome).

Release History

  • Version:

    Monday, 01 July, 2019
    • Tested With: MediaPress 1.4.4
    • Compatible With: MediaPress 1.4+

    Fix admin table bug

  • Version: 1.0.0

    Tuesday, 18 June, 2019
    • Tested With: MediaPress 1.4.4
    • Compatible With: MediaPress 1.4+