possible to add categories and tags to media files?

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    Per Chistian hopen on #19206

    Hi, I am working on a BuddyPress page.
    we are trying to build a Sitewide Gallery, that allows the users to filter out media files by category and tag.
    we got the gallery filtering working with Search & Filter Pro
    we got categories and tags to image working with Enhanced Media Library.
    I need help with adding an inputs field for adding categories and tags to images in media press.
    can you please help me with a small php code?
    best regards Per HOpen

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    Brajesh Singh on #19217

    Hi Per Hopen,
    Thank you for asking.
    On which screen do you want to add that input? What happens when user enters a category/tag that does not exist?


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    Per Chistian hopen on #19239

    Hi, Brajesh
    Thank you for answering me 🙂
    sorry for not expressing what I was hoping to do in a clear way. I will try to do it better now.

    the category and tag box would be nice to have on all the pages where you can add or modify the status of an image. Under the status drop-down box, it would be nice with category and tag boxes.

    I think that the category and tag boxes can be just like what WordPress uses in the post page.
    Is this possible?
    I think that this will make Mediapress an even better plugin for BuddyPress. then we can filter and search all the user’s image in one big communal gallery.
    Really hope you will make this happen.
    Best regards
    Per Hopen

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