[Resolved] Redirection using the wp-login page

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    Cap Luis on #25481

    Hello, you solved the problem of my theme with pop up login and redirect, now I need to check the same issue with login on the default wordpress page, when logging in this page, by default it wants to take me to wp-admin ! In this case I should use a frontend page for users, I find it unnecessary to create so many login pages. So I will customize the default wordpress page.

    Could the plugin be adjusted to redirect users who log in to the default wordpress page?

    Does it already work? if so i need to see why i am not redirected correctly.

    “login” is done, but I’m taken to wp-admin by default, a user who doesn’t have permission to view wp-admim gets a 404 page.

    But if I click on the main page of my site, I see that the login has been completed. Just failed to abide by the buddypress redirect rules

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    Brajesh Singh on #25485

    Hi Cap,
    Thank you for the question.

    The BuddyPress Member Types plugin works properly with the WordPress login. Please make sure that the redirects are enabled and the user who is logging in has a member type with redirect setup.


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