Community Builder

The social platform for BuddyPress communities.

A BuddyPress theme with with amazing Flexibility, Extensibility, Efficiency and Speed at its core.

Design Without Touching Code

Our goal with community Builder is to empower your imagination and help you create your social network as a pleasant experience.

Community Focused, Fast & Extensible.

An experience, your users will love.
Features & Benefits

Amazing Experience

Community Builder is a WordPress theme focused on Community Building with BuddyPress


Flexible Layouts

The flexible layout options allows you to choose layout for the whole site as well as each and every page. You can have infinite possibilities.


Fully Customizable

Design your site inside the WordPress customizer. You can design almost all aspects using the customizer. Give wings to your imagination.

Code Quality

Solving prolems

We have been developing for WordPress and BuddyPress for 10+ years. We know the issues with BuddyPress experience. The code is built for flexibility, efficiency and extensibility. It is beyond what any BuddyPress theme offers! It will help you solve common issues quickly.

500+ Google fonts


Use 500+ google fonts to customize the typography for each and every section. Our goal is to empower you succeed in your community Building experience without feeling limited.

Mobile First Design

Community Builder is a mobile first theme. designed from ground to work with devices from all sizes and shape.

01  Responsive

The design is responsive by default. It is planned from the beginning and not an afterthought.

02  Optimized

We understand that speed comes from efficiency. Community Builder is optimized to load fast.

03  Flexibile

You can control the typography for various device type(mobile, tablet, desktop) from the customizer.

04  Feature Rich

Comes with offcanvas panels as well as the greedy menu support to make working on mobile device a breeze

Works beautifully within the eco system

The theme is designed to work beautifully with WordPress, BuddyPress and the whole BuddyPress eco system.



Great blogging and CMS experience


Community Building Made Simple and Pleasant


Great experience for BuddyPress Group Forums


Need a companion shop? Works great with WooCommerce

Item Tabs

Multiple profile tab styles

Select from the many tab styles available. We plan to keep adding more styles in future.

Multiple group tab styles

Select from the many tab styles available. We plan to keep adding more styles in future.

Directory Tabs

Multiple tab style

Multiple tab style to choose from. We will keep adding even more.

Default item list customization

In case you need to customize the default loaded list(say by alphabetically). We have got you covered. It only take 3-5 lines of code to achieve that.

Better Profile & Cover Experience

Better Profile Photo experiencep

With our BuddyPress Better Experience addon, Users can upload and change profile from any page on their profile. The same applies to group cover too.

Better Cover Uploading Experience

With our BuddyPress Better Experience addon, Users can upload and change profile cover from any page on their profile. The same applies to group cover too.

Item Header Styles

Multiple User Profile styles

Comes packed with 2 styles for the User profile. We plan to add more in future.

Multiple Group Header Style

Comes packed with 2 styles for the User profile. We plan to add more in future.

Item List Styles

Multiple Item List Styles

Use masonry grid, equal height grid or list layout for the item lists(members list, groups list, friends list etc).

Item entry style

Multiple styles for item entries in the item list(members list, groups list etc.). Comes with Box layout, card layout and regular layout. More styles coming in the future.

Button Styles

Multiple Button Styles

Comes with 2 button styles. Split Button and the regular button. Developers can extend and add more styles.

Buttons List styles

There are multiple places like profile header, activity where button lists are used. We have added more than 1 style for them.

Better Message UI

Redesigned Message UI

Inspired from facebook, we have redesigned the message UI. It is aimed at creating better experience for users.

Fast and feature rich experience

The UI is aimed for better experience. With our upcoming addons for messages, It will be even better.

Activity Enhancements

Reimagined Activity posting forms

For better user experience, we have re-imagined the activity posting experience

Multiple Activity Style

Comes with 2 activity styles. We plan to add a few more in future.

And More...

Redesigned Notifications List

We redesigned the notifications UI to create a better and immersive experience.

Profile Data in members list and profile

Show user profile data in members directory and user profile header with ease.

There are many more...

Please check our demo for all the features(specially the Customizer )

What can you built with it

Community Builder is a multi purpose generic theme which can be used for almost any use case.


We did pay special attention to community building with BuddyPress though. 


Create any kind of community with ease


Build your intranet in hours with the flexibility for future.


Blogging site

Blogging with Community Builder is fun.  It gives you the speed and helps with the visibility on search engines.

Corporate site

Interested in creating a corporate site. Community Builder can be easily adapted to the use.

Who should use it

Site Admin

If you are a site admin, you will love the flexibility and the out of the box customization.


Need a theme to adapt to your masterwork? Community Builder can greatly help ease the pain.


Extensibility is at the core of Community Builder.

As a developer, you will save time worth thousands of dollars

Save time, money and efforts. Build with Community Builder


Best suited for Blogging/CMS and basic social networking

100+ customize controls

Flexible Layout

Multiple posts list styles

Great BuddyPress Integration

Nice looking Members List

Nice looking profile, header, activity, messages etc.

Limited Free support



Great for creating extensive communities with BuddyPress

Everything in the free version

Professional support

500+customize controls to let you control all aspects

Multiple User Profile Header and Group header styles

Multiple Item list styles(members list, group lists etc)

Customizer controls for Profile data in members list/member profile

30 days money back guarantee


Support & Downloads

Get the support from our dedicated team*. We are the most experienced team with BuddyPress development experience.