Community Builder

Advance theme settings

Community Builder Advanced Settings

The advance settings panel in the Community Builder theme allows you to control some advance and miscellaneous options like:-

  • Enable/disable editor stylesheet
  • Enable text area auto to grow
  • Disable login page customization
  • Enable/Disable font loading from cdn
  • Enable/disable icon font loading from cdn/local and more.

This panel contains any setting which does not fit in other places.

Please visit Dashboard->Appearance->CustomizeĀ  and openĀ  “Advance Settings” to access this panel.


Advance theme settings


Currently, this panel consists of three sections:-

  • Miscellaneous
  • Asset Loading
  • Custom Scripts & Styles

Customizing Miscellaneous settings:-

This section provides the following options:-

  • You can enable/disable the post editor custom style using this option.
  • If you enable it, instead of showing scrollbars, the text area height will be adjusted to the content. In other words, text area height will grow with the content.
  • You can use it to disable login page customization added by the theme.

Advance theme settings

Asset Loading Options:-

This section provides you following options.

  • ontAwesome icon font. If a plugin is already loading font awesome, you should disable it to avoid double loading.
  • It allows you to toggle the loading of font-awesome from bootstrap cdn. If you disable it, the font will be loaded from the local copy.
  • If you disable this, Google Fonts will not be loaded. We recommend keeping it enabled.

Advance theme settings


Custom Scripts & Styles:-

This section allows you to add custom scripts (JavaScript code) in the site header or footer. You can use it to add analytics code etc.

Advance theme settings