TIP: All of our Plugins, Themes and Codes available on this site are licensed under GPL unless mentioned otherwise. We strongly suggest to checkout the Account/membership FAQ in addition to the below faqs.

Here is a list of Frequently asked questions to help you.

What is BuddyDev Premium Club?

BuddyDev Premium club is the membership based club which helps its members by making all the premium components available together at very affordable price. It is the best thing you can do for enhancing your BuddyPress/WordPress/WordPress Multisite based site. You get unrestricted access to all the premium components and helpful support.

Is there a free membership?

Yes. The basic membership is absolutely free. It enables you to participate in our community forums and download all the members only downloads. In order to access premium plugins/themes/and participate in the premium discussion forums, you must have a premium membership.

Is the Plugins/themes GPL compatible?

Unless otherwise mentioned, all the themes/plugins available here on buddydev.com(whether premium or free) are licensed under GPL.

Will I be able to use these plugins/theme even after my membership expires?

Yes, It is all yours. Once you have downloaded the plugins/themes, you can keep them using forever. But once your membership expires, you will not receive further upgrades and you won’t be able to participate in support forums.

Do You provide Money Back Guarantee?

Yes. We have 100% money back guarantee scheme. If you don’t like our plugins/themes, you can ask for the reversal of fees within 30 days of the purchase of the product/subscription. We do not ask any reasons. There are no hidden conditions. We just want to let you know that your support matters to us and we will do everything to keep you happy 🙂

Still not sure? Have more questions?

Please check the BuddyDev Membership Help documents or drop us a line here via Contact form.