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Moderate BuddyPress user profile photo uploads with BuddyPress Avatar Moderator

Do you want to moderate the user profile photo uploads on your BuddyPress Site? If yes, you can use the BuddyPress Avatar Moderator plugin to moderate user profile photos and group display photos for BuddyPress. Features:- BuddyPress User profile photo moderation/BuddyPress User avatar moderation. BuddyPress group display photo moderation(BuddyPress Group avatar moderation) You can either …

Set default filter for BuddyPress Activity

If you need to change the default activity filter from Everything to something else, you can do that easily. Here is an example where I am setting the BuddyPress default activity filter to activity updates. /** * Set Default BuddyPress Activity filter. */ function buddydev_set_default_activity_filter() { // If the filter is already set, do not …