Upcoming Pricing Changes for BuddyDev memberships

I hope you all are doing well and staying safe.

Today, I wanted to introduce our upcoming changes in pricing and  membership options at BuddyDev.

From 25th May, 2020, we are introducing 3 plans on BuddyDev and changing the price for Buddy Pro membership. These plans are tailored to meet the needs of our members and we hope it makes choosing the most suitable plan easier for you.

Here is a screenshot showing our new plans.

Price Changes:-

As you might have noticed, we have increased the prices. This is to help us acquire more manpower and provide you better services.

We need more people to serve the growing needs on our support forums as well as keep developing/maintaining our plugins & themes. In the near future, we plan to hire at least 2 more people to help us with our day to day operations.

The new base plan is priced at $199 and gives you access to all our BuddyPress plugins. The other 2 plans are for site owners who want to use our themes & MediaPress. There are no changes for existing Pro members. If you have got Buddy Pro membership, You will not see any raise in the pricing as long as you renew your membership in future.

The good news is, in the next couple of weeks, we are going to introduce at least 3 major plugins and 1 theme.  The pricing change is precursor to these releases.


I am an existing member with Buddy Pro membership, will the pricing change affect me?

No. These changes will have no effect on pricing for you. You can renew your membership from your account page with the current existing price( USD $199) and it will not change in future. You will have access to continued access to everything on BuddyDev. We sincerely thank you for being a Pro member and we will never increase the price for you.

What is the difference between current plan and future plans?

Currently, we have only one plan that provides unrestricted access to all BuddyDev plugins & themes. The upcoming plans limit access to plugins & themes based on which plan you subscribe.

When is the price changing?

25th May, 2020.

Can I still buy Buddy Pro membership at current price?

Yes, Any membership purchased before 25th May, will have no change in future prices.

Can I still buy Individual plugins & themes?

Yes. There is no change with that.

Is there any change in your pricing of individual plugin & theme?

No. There is no change.

How many new plugins & themes do you add in a year?

There are no specific numbers. It depends on our community feedback and available time. Recently, we have changed our strategy for introducing new plugins. Instead of providing too many plugins, we have started focusing on adding more value with each plugin. On an average, you will see 4 to 8 new plugins introduced each year while we may deprecate some of the existing ones.

I have more questions?

Please get in touch via our contact form or ask us a question in BuddyDev forum.

Thank you for being a part of BuddyDev. Let us grow together.


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