Automatically add friends to newly registered user on BuddyPress

Do you want to automatically add friends to user new users on your site? BuddyPress Auto Friendship Pro helps you to add some users as friends to the newly registered user. It allows site admins to create multiple users list which can be automatically added as friends to new users.

This is an advance plugin which lets you create global list as well as conditional list. Each list consists of one or more user and the condition/rules for adding these users to the new member.


  • Allow site admin to create multiple friendship lists.
  • Allow site admin to add any number of users to individual friendship list.
  • Allows site admin to create conditional as well as global auto friendship list.
  • When a user registers, they will have new friends based on the matched list. If more than one list matches, all the users from these list are added as friend.

Global Friendship Lists:-

BuddyPress Global friendship list allows you to automate adding a lit of users to the newly registered user. These are the list without any condition. Users from these list will be always added as friend to the new user.

Automatic Friendship for BuddyPress based on profile field data, user role or user member type:-

Using Condition Friendship Lists you can automate adding friends for a user based on their xprofile field data, role or member type. A list can contain more than one condition for matching.

You can create multiple conditional automatic friendship lists as well as have multiple conditions in each of the list.



Fore more details, Please check the plugin page.


Link:- https://buddydev.com/plugins/buddypress-auto-friendship-pro/

Enjoy 🙂

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