Disable BuddyPress 4 character User name limit

In BuddyPress, there is a requirement that user names(user login) must have atleast 4 characters. It comes from the WPMU days of BuddyPress(WordPress multisite still imposes this limit on user names).

It is very easy to disable this limit or customize it.

Completely disable Username length limit for BuddyPress:-

If you use the following code, the limit imposed on username will be removedĀ  completely. Users can now register a user name which has one or more characters.

Here is a screenshot showing me using the letter 'b' as my username.


In case you want to set it to 2 letters or 3 letters, you can use the following code instead.

You can put the snippet in your bp-custom.php or your theme's functions.php.

Have fun building your community!

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