Let your users Watermark their uploaded image with WordPress, BuddyPress & MediaPress

If you are running a community site with BuddyPress and need your users to use their watermark for their images, You can do it now.

Meet MediaPress User Watermark. It works with BuddyPress & MediaPress enables the users to have their watermark for the images he/she uploads.


For site admins:-

  • Admins can restrict the allowed user types by role.
  • Admins can configure the type of watermarking allowed (Image-based or text-based either both).
  • Admins can restrict the dimension of the watermark.
  • Admins can control which settings will be available to and configurable by the user.

For the community users:-

  • Users can select the type of watermark for their images.
  • Users can select the watermark position on the images.
  • Users can assign max-width and height of watermark.
  • Users can enable the backup media option to have a backup of their images.
  • Users can upload images for image watermarking.
  • Users can select various font settings like font style, font size, etc. for the text-based watermark.


Check documentation here: Getting started with MediaPress User Watermark

Download here:  MediaPress User Watermark

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