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    Hi Brajesh,

    Thank you for your answer.

    I hope I didn’t give you the wrong picture. The posts disappear from the activity stream when I leave the “Post in” dropdown menu to the default, Profile. So posts go to my profile’s activity. But when I choose the corresponding group from the menu, the posts appear normally. So the posting does work, it’s just awkward having to select the page from the menu.

    If this can’t be resolved, another solution would be to make the actual groups look like activity streams. I just would have to remove for all users except me, the admin, most group parts (cover image and photo boxes, the “public group” and subtitle, the group admins and the tabs Home, Members, Send Invites). Only the group title and the activity would be visible, so it would look to users like an activity stream and not a regular group. Do you think this is possible? I’ve searched for hours, but couldn’t find anything – it is too specific. Unfortunately I have no coding knowledge to do it myself.

    As I said, my goal is to have three separate activity steams. Initially I tried to accomplish it using WP Multisite (with subdirectories) and your BP Multi Network plugin and BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG as true. I created three subdomains with their own BuddyPress installation each, so I had three separate activity streams. They worked fine, but the problem was that profiles weren’t global. If a user navigated to his profile from the homepage, all was well. But if he navigated from any subdomain, then his profile appeared empty (no friends, notifications, messages etc). So I had to abandon that approach. Is there something I missed that resolves this? Maybe if I used subdomains?

    If you could help me with any of the above alternatives, it’d be great. Or if you can suggest any other way to have three separate activity streams. I’ve been struggling with this for three months, but there’s always a snag.

    I’m sorry for the long post and the several questions, but this is the most important part of my site. Until I fix it, I can’t go online and I’m running out of time fast. I appreciate your help very much. Have a nice weekend.