Enabling BP Mag template for BuddyPress Links Plugin

The BP Links is one of the major and most used plugins for BuddyPress. In Bp Mag we have inbuilt support for BuddyPress Links plugin. But the problem is, the templates packed with bpmag will not work by default if you just enabled BudyPress links. BuddyPress links plugin employs a non standard way to include templates and though It has the ability to use custom templates, It refuses to do so.

In order to force BuddyPress Links to use our custom template, we will need to define a constant. Please put the following line in the bp-custom.php
[sourcecode language="php"]

if that does not work for some unknown reasons then please put the above line in buddypress-link/buddypress-links.php[before anything php]

That will make it use the custom templates supplied with the Bp Mag theme.