If you want to change the look and feel of BuddyBlog posts list or the single post on profile, you can easily do it by adding the template files in your own theme/child theme and modify it.

Here is a screenshot showing the template files used by BuddyBlog.

BuddyBlog Template Files:-

  • posts.php -> Used for displaying posts list on profile.
  • single.php -> Used for displaying single post.
  • edit.php -> Used for create/edit post.

In order to modify any of the view,  and to preserve your changes for future, you should copy the needed template to your theme.

Here is a screenshot showing how we have modified the posts list for BuddyBlog and have put our change in the theme.


Note the change “plugins/buddyblog/template/buddyblog/posts.php -> moved to -> themes/community-builder/buddyblog/posts.php

In your case, your theme will be different.

The important point is, you need to maintain the template folder structure as buddyblog/[the-template-file-name-you-want-to-override].php

That’s all. Have fun.