You can access the BuddyCircles settings from Dashboard->settings->BuddyCircles. The settings screen allows you to control the behaviour of BuddyCircles.


Here you can specify what slug you want to use in the url of circle tab. It must be a valid value  without any space. Example-lists, list, user-groups are valid value but ‘user groups’ is not.

Who Can Create:-

You can either allow all user to create circles or limit it by roles as shown below.

Circle Tab or Use inside friends:-

Keep circle under option allows you to use circle as a top level component or make it work inside the friends component depending on your choice.

  • Top Level Component:- A New circles tab will be added to the user account menu.
  • Under Friends Component:- If it is selected, No top level tab will be added. A new sub tab will be added under Friends tab.


Who Can be added to the circle:-

This option allows you to control who a user can  add to their circle

  • All Members:- Any member of the site can be added in the circle.
  • Friends Only:- A user can only add their friends to their circles.

Circle privacy:-

You can enable which privacy levels are available to the user while creating circles.

Default Circles:-

It allows you to automatically create default circles for user when their account is activated. It will only create the default circles for new users registered/activated after the pluginactivation.

You can specify the list of default circles as strings separated by “|” as shown below.


Enabled notification Types:- You can select the notification methods enabled.

  • Local Notification:- Uses BuddyPress Notifications to notify the user.
  • Email Notification:- Sends email to the user.

User Addition to Circle Notification:-

You can control if the notification for user getting added to a circle is enabled or  not. You can also customize the notification message subject and content.

User Removal From Circle Notification:-

You can control if the user will get notified when removed from a circle or not. Here is a screenshot showing the available options.