Do you want to use  WordPress custom menu link to trigger the ajax registration? If yes, this tutorial will help you.

To enable the ajax registration on a link, we need to do either one of the two things:-

  • Add a css class ‘bp-ajaxr’ or ‘register’ or ‘register-btn’ to the link.
  • Or add the class “bp-signup” to the link parent element.

Doing any of the above two will make the link a trigger for opening registration modal boxes.

Using the custom menu Link as registration modal trigger:-

To do this, we will add “bp-signup” class to the links parent.

Step 1:- On the Menu Page, Click on the Screen option in the right corner of the page as shown below

Step 2 :- Enable the CSS classes option for menu items from the available options list.

Step 3:- Now, if you click on the menu item, you should see the css class option as below.

You can add any arbitrary css class here. It will be applied on the link parents(normally li)

Step 4:- Add the “bp-signup” class to it and save.


Save the menu and you are done.