Community Builder helps you to list all members count or just active members count or the friends count of a user easily with the shortcode.



Display all active members count


Display all members count

[bp-members-count type=all ]



(string) (optional) Which type of count to display. If not included it will display the active members count. You can use the following options to use specific types:

  • active :- show all active members count.
  • all:- show all members count. It include inactive users too.
  • friends:- Display the friends count of logged in user(by default, see the ‘user’ option to show friend count for the displayed user).


(string) (optional) Only valid when type=’friends’. helps decide whose friends count should be displayed. By default, the logged in user’s friend count is displayed.

  • logged :- Show friends count for current logged user
  • displayed:- Show friends count for displayed user.


(string) (optional) CSS class you want to apply to the count span element..