MediaPress Local Encoder Admin guide:

After, Activating MediaPress Local Encoder plugin, register a new menu with name “Transcoder” with three submenu items i.e. Queue, History and Bulk Process.

  1. Queue screen: This screen contains all videos currently in the queue for conversion or for preview generation. You will found two type of status i.e. queued and processing. Queued means video is the queue and by processing we mean that video conversion for that video is in process. Please check the following screenshots:
    MediaPress Local Encoder Admin Guide
  2. History screen: All processed video lists fall into this screen. There you found whether a video is converted successfully or end with an error by seen the status column. You can bulk delete old videos. You can add the video to the queue again if not processed successfully.MediaPress Local Encoder Admin Guide
  3. Bulk Process Screen: Under this screen, you will find a button “Add old videos”. It will add all previously uploaded videos to the queue for conversion and attach a cover image to them.MediaPress Local Encoder Admin Guide