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  1. Can I download my purchased products after expiry of support package?
  2. Where Can I see my past purchases?
  3. Where do I get support for My Purchased Plugins/Themes
  4. Support & Upgrades for Purchased Plugins/Themes
  5. Can I Use your Plugin/Themes on Multiple sites?
  6. What Payment options do you support?
  7. How much time it takes before my membership becomes active?
  8. Do you automatically renew BuddyDev Membership?
  9. I am a premium member but I am unable to download?
  10. Is there any limitation on the number of times I can download a plugin/theme?
  11. What is the difference Between BuddyDev Premium Club Membership and Buying Individual plugins/themes?
  12. What support options are available to the paid members?
  13. How do I get a Premium Membership from India?
  14. Forum posting Guideline
  15. Do you Provide Private Ticket support?
  16. Can I download a plugin or theme after the subscription expires?
  17. Registering a New Account on BuddyDev
  18. Installing & Configuring BuddyDev Dashboard.