This guide assumes that you are trying to install a plugin from a zip file. You can install a plugin from the zip file if your server allows uploading.


  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard as administrator
  2. Visit Dashboard-?>Plugins and click Add New as shown below:- add-new-plugin-menu
  3. You will see the add new plugin screen like this. Please click on the upload link as shown below:- selecting-manual-upload-method
  4. Now, you will see a screen like below. Click on the browse button plugin-upload-screen
  5. Once you have selected the zip file, the Install button will become active as shown below.plugin-upload-selected

Click on install and the WordPress will start uploading the plugin file. Once it is uploaded, you will see the option to activate the plugin. Click that and you are done!

Upgrading themes/plugins.

We recommend using BuddyDev dashboard to access automatic updates.