We have got email problems on BuddyDev!

I just realized today that I haven't received any notification email from BuddyDev for last 10-15 days.  On logging in to the dashboard of support/main site I noticed that there are so many requests/comments pending. My apologies to all of you.  I have been busy last month due to my brother's marriage and some other things and have resumed working a few days ago. It was a mistake on my part to assume that everything was working as normal.

I am looking into the email issue as well as your queries and will get back to you in 24 hours.


After looking into my email accounts I just noticed that the mails were sent but the issue was It was not being delivered  to my main account. We are using google hosted email accounts for BuddyDev as well as Cosmic Coder. I had set  a forwarder from support[at] buddydev[dot] com to my personal email(which is on cosmiccoders.com domain). Gmail was marking all the mails sent on support [at] buddydev.com from the BuddyDev.com site as spam, so the mails were not being forwarded. Here is a screenshot to saw what happened when I sent a test mail via contact form


So, the mails were not delivered to my main account. I had not logged in to the support email in last 8 months as I was assuming that all the mails were being forwarded to my main account. When I found the issue on site today, logged to the email and realized the problem. I have added the sender address from buddydev in contact and hope that  in future it does not repeat.

If you have sent us a mail in last 20 days and haven't received a reply, please do resend and we will get back to you.

Thank you


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