MediaPress 1.0.1

MediaPress 1.0.1 is available now. This release fixes a few small issues and adds some interesting features to your beloved BuddyPress/WordPress media gallery solution.

Bug fixes & Enhancements:-

  • Fixed issue with uploading where image dimension was smaller than the specified thumbnail, uploads were failing. Thank you, Leo.
  • Fixed admin panel listing of gallery views to make it only list the views that support given component and can display gallery.
  • Updated mpp_get_template_part(), mpp_get_template() and mpp_locate_template() to load templates from theme and fall back to default path. It saves developers a huge amount of time when creating custom views.
  • Enhanced title to make it better.
  • Added gallery pagination in templates. We had missed it earlier.
  • Fixed avatar issue in a lightbox.
  • You can see all the changes in code here

New features:-

  • Universal media upload shortcode using [mpp-uploader]
  • Ability to disable MediaPress features for Individual user, user groups, or BuddyPress Groups using the filter 'mpp_is_enabled'
  • Added option to show gallery filters by type on user profile.
  • Added option to show "My Gallery" option on group galleries to group members.
  • Added ability to filter main gallery query and main media query using filters.
  • Added ability to handle the setup of gallery queries and behavior by custom plugins.

Universal Upload Shortcode:-

With 1.0.1 you can use the shortcode [mpp-uploader] to allow the user to upload to their existing gallery from anywhere. This shortcode accepts the following parameters:-

gallery_id (optional) (integer) – If you want users to upload to a specific gallery.

type (optional) (string) – If you haven't specified the gallery id and want the upload to list a specific type of gallery. Possible values are 'photo', 'audio', 'video', 'doc'

status (optional) (string) – If you use it, It will only list the galleries with a specific status where users can upload. Some of possible values are 'public', 'private', 'logged IN' etc. Default is what you set as your default status.

component (optional) (string) – If you want to list galleries belonging to the specific component. Possible values are 'members', 'groups', 'sitewide'.

component_id (optional) (integer) – Only applicable if the component is specified. It is used to identify the group or the user based on the component specified

selected (optional) (integer) – If you haven't specified the gallery id and want this gallery to be selected by default from the dropdown list.

label_empty (optional) (string) – What message will be used to say "Please select a gallery"

show_error (optional) (integer) – 0 or 1. Whether to show users an error message if they don't have access to the uploader or not. Default 1.


Show uploader for gallery id 5.

[mpp-uploader gallery_id="5"]

That will allow all users who have upload access to gallery id 5 to upload.

Show all galleries of the current user. The user can select and upload.


We will keep improving it further. Please do let us know your suggestions.

Disabling MediaPress for specific Users or user groups or roles:-

In 1.0.1 we have added a filter 'mpp_is_enabled'. This filter has following signature

As you see, we already check if a component(user gallery/groups gallery) is enabled from the dashboard settings. This filter allows further flexibility. Let us seem some examples:-

Example 1:- Disable MediaPress for Users with subscriber role

In case you only want the Author and above to have MediaPress enabled, you can use the 'publish_posts' capability. For more on capability, please see this.

Example 2:- Disable MediaPress for User with id 2


Gallery filters by type:-


We have added an option in the admin settings under "Members Gallery" as shown below. You can enable/disable as you prefer.



My Gallery filter on groups:-


You can enable/disable it from the Group Gallery Settings page in the MediaPress settings as shown below.


Get it from WordPress.or repo now. If you are new to using MediaPress, please make sure you have visited our docs here. The next milestone, 1.0.2 is scheduled for March 15, 2014. Let us know what features/enhancements you want in MediaPress.

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