If you plan to use a custom uploader on any page of your site, you can use the MediaPress uploader shortcode to allow users to upload. It is a very flexible and gives you control over various aspects of uploading.



The default shortcode will list all galleries of current user(profile galleries) and let them upload. This shortcode offers around 10 options as shown below to customize the experience. All the below options are optional.

component: – It controls the listed galleries for uploads. Which component’s gallery should be listed. default is based on where the shortcode is being used. Possible values are

  • members
  • groups
  • sitwide

component_id:- Numeric. It is used to list galleries for specific groups/users. Possible values are group/user id.

type :- Allowed uploadable gallery type. Possible values are:-

  • photo
  • audio
  • video
  • doc

gallery_id:- Id of the gallery to which you want the users to upload.

selected:- gallery id which should be shown as selected in the dropdown if multiple galleries are shown.

label_empty:- The message to be shown when the uploader can not find any gallery to be uploaded to.

show_error:- 1 or 0. Whether to show the error message if there are no galleries for the current user or not.


Example:- Allow uploading to gallery id 32

[mpp-uploader gallery_id=32]

Example:- List all galleries of current user and let him/her upload


Example:- List all sitewide galleries and let users upload

[mpp-uploader component=”sitewide”]