MediaPress is young and happening and you can make it much more happening by translating it in your own language.

  • Please look for the locale code for your language in the table on this WordPress Language Teams page. The WP Locale column is what you should be looking at. Once you find your locale from there( we will call the locale here  XYZ ), please follow the next step.
  • Look inside the mediapress/languages directory and you will see mediapress-en_US.po file. Make a copy of this file and name that mediapress-XYZ.po where XYZ is your locale.
  • Now, you can use any of the translation tool to translate this file and generate a respective mo file. We at BuddyDev, love poedit. You may download a copy of the software and open your po file in that.  After that, you can go ahead and translate. We will post a screencast in future till then, we trust you to handle it.
  • Once you have generated the mo file, it should be named as “mediapress-XYZ.mo” where XYZ is your locale
  • You can put this mo file in the mediapress/languages/ directory, or put a copy of the file in wp-content/languages/plugins/ directory. If you are feeling generous enough and want to share your efforts with the community, please drop us the translation file. We will include it with MediaPress plugin and include your name in the hall of famous personalities contributing to the MediaPress translation 🙂

That’s all. Have fun!