Changelog for v 1.0.3:-

  • Fixed the bug with public group, public gallery visibility
  • Fixed a shortcode bug when owner_slug was specified
  • fixed a bug when the list of external allowed service sites are empty for add from web method


  • updated the code for directory url which used site_url() to make it dependent on bp_get_root_domain() for better compatibility
  • Added support for completely disabling upload/add from web method
  • Added support to store image meta, can be retrieved for later display/usage
  • added filter for different media sizes for audio/video/photo
  • updated bp_get_media_css() to return .bp-media/.media_type instead of .media
  • corrected the class name .sing-media to .single-media on single media page
  • A few more changes in css to make it uniform for post emebeded gallery as well as normal gallery
  • removed deprecated is_site_admin() and get_usermeta and replaced by is_super_admin() and get_user_meta()
  • Updated included mediaelement.js player to version 2.0

Template Changes-

  • modified gallery/index.php to allow other entry points using filter "gallery_locate_template"
  • Updated included mediaelement.js player to version 2.0
  • Fixed the issue with showing only 12 items on edit page(which was introduced by mistake in 1.0)