BuddyPress Giphy

BuddyPress Giphy is an integration add on for BuddyPress and GIPHY . It allows site users to post GIF images into BuddyPress activity and activity comments through GIPHY.


  1. Allow site users to post gif images into BuddyPress activity.
  2. Allow site users to post gif images into Activity comments.

This plugin is only available for Community Builder Pro and our upcoming themes. If you have bought Community Builder Pro, you can download it from your dashboard.



  1. API Key:  Please gen an API key from GIPHY and save it here. Here is the link to get the API key: Link.

How to configure:-

  1. Download the zip file and extract.
  2. Upload 'bp-giphy' directory to 'wp-content/plugins' directory.
  3. Activate the plugins through the 'Dashboard > Plugins' Menu.
  4. Visit Settings->BuddyPress Giphy and add your API Key.
  5. That's all. Enjoy!

Release History

  • Version: 1.0.1

    Thursday, 30 June, 2022
    • Tested With: BuddyPress 10.3.0
    • Compatible With: BuddyPress 4.4

    Plugin rename and description added to meta information

  • Version: 1.0.0

    Monday, 27 January, 2020
    • Tested With: BuddyPress 5.1.2
    • Compatible With: BuddyPress 4.4

    initial release.