BuddyPress Simple Google Map

BuddyPress Simple Google Map plugin uses static google map api to add the Maps to groups.

In the current version, I have only added support for group and I am looking forward to your suggestion whether you will like to have the static map for User profiles too.


  • Adds Google Map to Groups
  • Comes with Widget to showcase the map in sidebar
  • Simple to Use
  • Uses Google static Map, so no need for loading any extra javascript
  • Allows to enable/disable per group
  • You can set the basic settings in the admin panel.


Here is a screenshot of the map in action:-

Group Map tab

Admin Options:-

You can set the height, width, zoom level and the map type from BuddyPress->BP Simple Map admin options. Here are the two options to show it

Map Type:-

You can select from any of the four map types :- Roadmap, Terrain, Setellite, and Hybrid.

Zoom Level

You can select zoom level upto 21(highest) as shown below

Here is the widget settings screen

The widget will be visible on groups page only if the location is set and the map is not disabled.

The Location can be set from Groups->Group Name->Admin->Map as shown below

You can even disable the map for a particular group from admin->settings page

Git Repo:-


I am looking forward to hear your thought about adding support for user profile.

Release History

  • Version: 1.0.4

    Friday, 05 April, 2019
    • Tested With: BuddyPress 4.2.0
    • Compatible With: BuddyPress 2.5+

    * Fix bug of default setting map key.
    * Fix bug on multi-site due to update_site_option

  • Version: 1.0.3

    Friday, 11 August, 2017
    • Tested With: BuddyPress 2.9.0
    • Compatible With: BuddyPress 2.5+

    Fix the security check error message that appeared in 1.0.2 due to invalid nonce

  • Version: 1.0.2

    Wednesday, 23 November, 2016
    • Tested With: BuddyPress 2.7.2
    • Compatible With: BuddyPress 2.5+

    Updated for the Current google Map API. It needs the key now.

  • Version: 1.0.1

    Saturday, 23 July, 2011
    • Tested With: BuddyPress 1.2.9/BuddyPress 1.5
    • Compatible With: BuddyPress 1.2/BuddyPress 1.5

    Initial Public release for BuddyPress 1.2.9 & BuddyPress 1.5

    Tested and It works with BuddyPress 1.5