This documentation applies to bp-wire 1.1.3 or above.


  • Slug Customization
  • Changing Labels
  • Enabling Group Wire
  • Changing Wire link Position In navigation menu
  • Post User wire message to activity stream
  • Set Wire as default landing page
  • Disabling profile wire
  • Disabling notification

Slug Customization:-


Changing Labels:-

define("BP_WIRE_LABEL","Wall");//change it to anything

Enabling Group Wire:-

function enable_group_wire(){
return true;

*Please Note, after enabling group wire, you must login to wordpress dashboard as administrator in order to get the tables created.

Change the Position of Wire in User profile navigation:-

define("BP_WIRE_POSITION",20);//change it to any integer value

Change The Group Wire navigation link position:-

define("BP_GROUP_WIRE_POSITION",20);//change it to any integer value

Post Wire message to activity stream(For user profile wire):-