BuddyPress Block Users

BuddyPress Block Users allows users to block other users on BuddyPress sites. If you are creating a BuddyPress-based community, the ability to let users block others is very important. It can help make your community safe for your users.


  • Role-based user blocking for BuddyPress. You can limit which user roles are allowed to block other users.
  • Role-based user whitelisting. You can limit which roles can not be blocked.
  •  You can enable automatic unfriending/unfollowing on blocking.
  • You can force the user to add a reason while blocking another user (it is optional).
  • Admin notifications of user blocking(optional).
  • Admin notification of user unblocking(optional).
  • You can apply user-specific restrictions based on context.
  • You can disable sending friendship requests from blocker users to blocked users.
  • You can disable sending friendship requests from the blocked user to the blocker user.
  • You can disable sending a private message from blocked user to blocker user.
  • You can disable sending a private message from blocker user to blocked user.
  • You can disable public message(activity mention) from blocker user to blocked user.
  • You can disable public messages (activity mention) from blocked user to blocker user.
  • You can restrict blocked user profile view by blocker.
  • You can restrict blocker user's profile views by blocked users.
  • You can hide blocked users from members listing for blocker users.
  • You can hide blocker users from members listing for the blocked user.
  • You can hide activity posts of blocked users from blocker users.
  • You can hide activity posts of blocker users from blocked users.
  • You can hide the activity comments of the blocked user from the blocker user.
  • You can hide activity comments of blocker users from blocked users.


This plugin is also available as a free companion with  BuddyPress Moderation Tools. If you purchase BuddyPress Moderation tools, you will get free access to this plugin.

Release History

  • Version: 1.0.4

    Monday, 22 March, 2021
    • Tested With: BuddyPress 7.2.1
    • Compatible With: BuddyPress 6.0+

    Added option to choose where the buttons should appear.

  • Version: 1.0.3

    Sunday, 02 August, 2020
    • Tested With: BuddyPress 7.0.0
    • Compatible With: BuddyPress 4.0+

    Update event delegation to support the blocking action for all themes.

  • Version: 1.0.2

    Tuesday, 07 July, 2020
    • Tested With: BuddyPress 6.1
    • Compatible With: BuddyPress 4.0+

    Added support for BuddyPress Better Message plugin

  • Version: 1.0.1

    Tuesday, 19 May, 2020
    • Tested With: BuddyPress 6.0
    • Compatible With: BuddyPress 4.0+

    Fixed overriding of excluded user from members directory.Now, cooperates with other plugins removing users.
    Added filter for disabling buttons at various locations.

  • Version: 1.0.0

    Monday, 18 May, 2020
    • Tested With: BuddyPress 6.0
    • Compatible With: BuddyPress 4.0+

    Initial release.