BuddyPress Member Types Pro

The most complete BuddyPress member type solution for your site.
Member Type field, Automatic roles assignment, WooCommerce Memberships assignment and a lot more.

Feature Rich

It is the most complete plugin with features like singular or multi member type field, automatic role & membership assignments.

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Works beautifully out of the box. Easily create & manage member types, roles associations quickly and efficiently.

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Comes with excellent code for long term resilient usage.

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  • Version: 1.5.3
  • Author: BuddyDev
  • Compatible with: BuddyPress 8.0+
  • Tested Upto: BuddyPress 12.2.0
  • Last Updated: Tuesday, 20 February, 2024

Easily create and manage member types.

Simple & intuitive interface.

  • Access it from Dashboard->Users->Member Types.
  • Easily create/edit/activate/deactivate/remove member types.
  • Use shortcodes to embed your member lists.

Take Control of the member types directory.

  • Enable/Disable member type directory.
  • Customize member type directory slug.
  • Control member type tabs listing in directory.
  • Include/Exclude members belonging to a member type from directory.
  • Member Type based Conditional login redirect and after account activation redirect.
  • Member Type based default profile landing tab selection.

Feature rich, highly customizable single and multiple member type profile fields.

Field display type

Either display the field options as radio or the selectbox.

Control listing

Control which member types will be available in the profile field option. Either show all or selected only.

Allow/Disallow Changing member type

You can allow or restrict users from changing their member type after registration.

Conditional field

Conditional Registration & Edit profile fields. Control which fields are visible to users belonging to a given member type.

Setup automatic WordPress role assignment based on BuddyPress member type.

  • Associate one or more WordPress roles to a member type.
  • On member type change, the users will be assigned the new roles.
  • If the new member type does not have any associated member type, user's roles won't change.
  • If the user is super admin, their role is not modified.
  • Changing role will not change member type.

Add users to BuddyPress Groups based on their member type.

  • Associate BuddyPress Groups to member types .
  • Automatically assign groups to user on registration based on member type.
  • Automatically assign new groups on member type change.
  • Removing from a group will not change their member type..

Using WooCommerce Memberships? Seamlessly integrate it with member types.

  • Associate Membership plans to member types.
  • Automatically assign membership plans on registration based on member type.
  • Automatically assign new memberships on member type change.
  • Removing memberships or changing them will not change member type.

Take control of content visibility with BuddyPress Member types.

  • Four Shortcodes for controlling visibility based on member types.
  • Each shortcode allows using one or more member type as options.
  • [bpmtp-show-if-member-type in=member_type1,member_type2]Some Content[/bpmtp-show-if-member-type].
  • [bpmtp-show-if-not-member-type in=member_type1,member_type2]Some Content[/bpmtp-show-if-not-member-type].
  • [bpmtp-hide-if-member-type in=member_type1,member_type2]Some Content[/bpmtp-hide-if-member-type].
  • [bpmtp-hide-if-not-member-type in=member_type1,member_type2]Some Content[/bpmtp-hide-if-not-member-type].
  • The shortcode names are self explanatory. You can specify one or more member types as option.

Use BuddyPress member types with Confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is BuddyPress member type?

Member type is a way to classify your users depending on certain characteristics. For example, you may want to treat 'teachers' differently than 'students'.

Does it work with WordPress Roles?

Yes, It does. It allows associating WordPress roles to member type and automatically assigns the new roles(s) on member type change.

Where should I use BuddyPress member types?

It is recommended to use member types where you want to differentiate between the group of users(Think of user categories, user sets, user lists etc). Some of the examples are:-

  • Company intranet(member type based on role)
  • College/University sites(student, teacher, staff)
  • Dating sites(male/female member type)
  • Sports site(players, managers, fan etc)
  • and more…

Will changing role change the member type too?

Depends. If you set the Role to Member Type association in Settings->Member Type screen, Then the member type will change based on role otherwise not.

How do I allow/disallow changing member type?

On the New/Edit Profile field page, you can control this behaviour.

Does it support profile field based on member type?

Yes, It does. To be honest, BuddyPress supports this feature out of the box for all registered member types.

Does it support conditional registration field?

Yes, It does. With version 1.3.0 and above, the registration page can have conditional fields based on member types too. Please see the docs for more details. Conditional fields on profile edit page have been supported from the very start(Edit profile conditional field is a feature of BuddyPress core).

Can I safely update from BuddyPress Member Type Generator plugin?

Yes, absolutely. Disable the Member Type Generator and activate this plugin, all the member types registered with member type generator will be available.

Is it compatible with WordPress multisite?

Yes, It is.

Does it support multiple member types assignment to user?

Yes, It does. You can use the Multi Member type field included with the plugin to create xprofile fields with multiple member types.

Can I use single and multiple member types field together?

You can, but we advise sticking to either singular member type field or the multiple member type field.

Can I do member type based conditional login or registration redirect?

Yes, you can. You can setup the login and activation redirect based on member type from member type add/edit screen.

Is this better than the other BudyPress Member Type plugins?

It is. We suggest comparing the features and looking at our documentation. We have the most complete member type solution for BuddyPress.

I want to know more about member types?

Good to hear that. You can learn more about member types here & here.

Is it compatible with BuddyBoss platform?

No. BuddyBoss platform digresses from the BuddyPress implementation of member types. It is not feasible to provide compatibility.

What if I need more features?

You can hire our team to assist you.