BuddyPress Member Types Pro supports Conditional BuddyPress registration fields based on the member types.

Conditional Registration fields based on user’s member type selection was one of the most demanded features by our members and we have finally got it in BuddyPress Member Types Pro.

How does it work:-

While creating a BuddyPress field, you can select one or more member types that field will be available to. When a user registers on your site, they can select their member type(Assuming you have added a member type field) and based on that value, the fields on registration page will change.

The user will only get to fill the fields which are available to their selected member type.  Please see the video for demonstration.

Steps to enable the conditional registration form fields:-

Step 1:- Enable the Conditional Registration setting in BuddyPress Member Types Pro.

Please visit Dashboard->Member Types->Misc settings and enable conditional registration page as shown in the video below.


Step 2:- Create a Member Type Profile field.

If you haven’t already created, Please Visit Dashboard->Users->Profile Fields and make sure you have a profile field that allows users to change member type. You can use the Single Member Type or the Multi Member Type profile field offed by BuddyPress Member Types Pro. Conditional registration is supported both field type.¬†Since only the fields from the first profile field group is visible on registration screen, make sure you add the member type field to first profile field group. Here is a video showing field creation.


Step 3:- Make sure you have selected the correct member types for each profile field. Selecting “Users with no member type” is your choice. It is not needed if you simply want users to see the fields on registration and make it available to users. Here is a video showing how to do it.

That’s all. Go ahead and enjoy.

Also, if you want to know more about BuddyPress Registration, We have a video series for that.