BuddyPress Member Types pro provides an easy to use shortcode for listing members based on member types.

You will use the shortcode [bpmtp-members-list] for showing a list of members belonging to certain member types.

Shortcode Options:-

  • member_type:- Required. String. Unique member type name(e.g student, teacher etc)
  • member_type__in:- Optional. string. A comma separated list of member types.
  • member_type__not_in:- Optional. string. A comma separated list of member types whose member will not be included.
  • type:- Optional. string, default ‘active’. Describes list sort type. Possible values ‘active’, ‘random’, ‘newest’, ‘popular’, ‘online’, ‘alphabetical’.
  • page:- Optional. int, default 1. Which page of results.
  • per_page:- Optional. int, default 20. Specifies how many entries per page.
  • max:- Optional. int, default false. Maximum limit.
  • search_terms:- Optional. string. Filter the members in the list by the search term.

Example:- List students who are from the school “Omega High”

[bpmtp-members-list member_type=”student” search_terms=”Omega High”]

This shortcode uses your templates default member loop(members/members-loop.php)