There are two ways to change member types manually.

  • Change it from Dashboard->Users->All Users screen
  • or Change it for an individual user from their extended profile(If you are using member type profile field)

Changing from the All User screen:-

You can access the All Users screen by visiting Dashboard->User->All User Menu as shown in the following screenshot.

On that screen, you can select one or more user and use the change member type option to change their member types.  Here is a screenshot showing it.

Changing from Extended Profile:-

If you have created an xprofile field with member type, you can change the member type of user by updating this field. You can edit the user’s profile form Dashboard by visiting All User and clicking on extended as shown below


On the extended profile edit page, you can update the member type field to change the user’s member type.

PS:- In our opinion, Option one is easy.