BuddyPress Member Types Pro comes with the following four shortcodes for content visibility.

  • [bpmtp-show-if-member-type]
  • [bpmtp-show-if-not-member-type]
  • [bpmtp-hide-if-member-type]
  • [bpmtp-hide-if-not-member-type]

Showing content based on BuddyPress member types:-

You can show content based on BuddyPress member types using the shortcode [bpmtp-show-if-member-type] . It will make contents visible only to the specified member type(s).


[bpmtp-show-if-member-type in="one,more,member-type"]Some content visible to these member types[/bpmtp-show-if-member-type]


  • in:- string, one or more member type whom the content will be visible.

Example:- Showing content to only student members.

[bpmtp-show-if-member-type in="student"] Hello Student, Welcome to Omega High. [/bpmtp-show-if-member-type]

Example:- Showing content to teachers and staffs only.

[bpmtp-show-if-member-type in="teacher,staff"]Hello there, welcome back to the new session. Some other content. [/bpmtp-show-if-member-type]

Showing content if user does not have the specified member types:-

You can use the shortcode [bpmtp-show-if-not-member-type] to show the content to the members who don’t have the specified member type.

Example:- Only showing to non student members

[bpmtp-show-if-not-member-type in="student"] This will be visible to all members except students [/bpmtp-show-if-not-member-type]

You can specify a comma separated list of more than one member types in the in clause.

Hiding content from specific member types:-

You can hide contents based on member types using the shortcode [bpmtp-hide-if-member-type]. It allows you to hide contents from specified member types.

Example:- Hiding from students.

[bpmtp-hide-if-member-type in="student"] It will be hidden from students. [/bpmtp-hide-if-member-type]

Yes, it is same as bpmtp-show-if-not-member-type.

Hiding content if user does not have specified member type:-

You can hide contents from users who don’t have one or more specified member types using the [bpmtp-hide-if-not-member-type] shortcode.


[bpmtp-hide-if-not-member-type in="student" Hidden from everyone except student. [/bpmtp-hide-if-not-member-type]

Yes, it is exactly same as [bpmtp-show-if-member-type] shortcode.