If you are using BuddyPress Member Types Pro on a multisite install and BuddyPress as well as the BuddyPress Member Types pro are network active, this guide will help you setup the member types to roles association for sub sites on the network.

When the plugin is network active, It adds a network settings menu. You can access it via Dashboard->Network Admin->Settings->Member Types as shown below.

You will see a settings page like this

Here you can specify the global settings.

How to associate Role & Member Type on Sub site:-

This option allows you to select the method for updating roles for the user based on the member type change.  The options are:-

  • Don’t do anything:- Changing member type of a user will have no effect on his/her sub sites
  • Let me choose it on sub site:-  The site admin can create the association on the sub site(Please see the next section below)
  • Use default association specified below:- You can select the roles association globally from the available roles below. Only roles from the main site will appear and some of the roles may not be available on sub sites.

Sub site member type to roles association:-

If you select the “Let me choose it on sub site” option in the network settings, you can associate Member Types with roles on each of the sub site. To associate roles, Please visit each of the Sub Site Dashboard->Settings->Member Types as below


You will see a screen like this:-

You can associate the roles here. When a member types change, the user’s role on each of their sub site will reflect this.

Note:- If you are using BuddyPress in Multi Blog mode, BuddyPress Member Types pro won’t work as expected.