BuddyPress default search form is very simple. If you want advance filtering based on member types, we suggest using BP Profile Search plugin by Andrea Tarantini.


For this guide, we are assuming that we are creating a search form from scratch. You can do it with your existing form too.

Creating a search form:-

Step 1:- Please click on Dashboard->Users->Profile search menu as shown below.

Once you click on it, you will see a screen like this.

Click on the “Add New”.

Step 2:- On the new form screen, you can add search fields by  clicking on add field.


Please select the name of the Member Type field(That you created earlier) and click on Public/Update button in the right side. You will see an updated screen like this.

You can add other fields and organize the form as you please. For simplicity, we just used two fields and here is what our form looks in the back end.


And here is what our form looks on the front end.


You can extend it as you please.