• WordPress Multisite 3.3+(should work with 3.1+ but I haven't tested with that)
  • BuddyPress 1.5+
  • BuddyPress Multiblog Enabled( BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG defined true)
  • BuddyPress Multi Network Plugin Network activated.

Installing/Configuring on Existing BuddyPress based sites:-

This plugin works great for the existing BuddyPress installs too. There is small glitch though.

When you activate this plugin on a Existing BuddyPress based site, It will ask you to setup the BuddyPress again(you will get the link to setup wizard as a notice in the admin panel) on the main site.

Please follow the steps there(ok, not before reading the following lines)


When BuddyPress setup wizard runs, It deletes all the pages associated with various active components(as it treats it as a new install). So, all of your old pages will be deleted, and you will need to create new pages and associate them with these components.


Fortunately, There exists a workaround

  • Deactivate the BP Multi Network Plugin
  • Now visit BuddyPress->Pages from your dashboard and select "None" from the drop down list for each of the page. This will update BuddyPress page list to empty.
  • Now you can safely enable BP Multi network and visit the main site dashboard and follow the setup without loosing any page.
  • On the Pages screen, just choose appropriate pages to be associated and you are good to go 🙂


  1. What Does this plugin do?

    It allows to to create various social networks(like Ning etc) on a single WordPress Multisite/BHuddyPress Install

  2. what do you mean by separate social networks?

    Since All the data(including profile details/groups/activities etc) are separate for each of the network, I am calling it separate network.

  3. Does it Create separate User base for the sub social networks

    Yes! It does track and keeps a tab on all the users who are associated with a subnetwork. A user can be associated with any number of sub network and for each of the network the data(activity/profile/groups) will vary.On the members directory only the members who are part of this network are listed.

  4. Does it scope/filters users on the main site.

    No, It does not but the code is there. You will need to comment a couple of lines to make that happen.

  5. How a member is associated with a network?

    There are several ways to do that.

    • If a member registers on a sub network, he/she is added as a member of the sub network.
    • If a member is added to a blog by any means(using a plugin or via wordpress admin) he is added to the network
  6. Is there any other alternative plugin available

    Yes. There exists an excellent plugin by Ron. You can find it here http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/bp-multi-network/
    My take is a little bit different from Ron's and my goals are a little bit different too.