MediaPress User Watermark

MediaPress User Watermark addon for MediaPress enables site admins to allow their users to use their own watermark for the images they upload. If you are looking for admin only watermarking solution, please use MediaMark.


For site admins:-

  • Admins can restrict the users who can apply watermark based on user roles.
  • Admins can configure type of allowed watermarking( Image based or text based or both).
  • Admins can restrict the dimension of the watermark.
  • Admins can control which settings will be available to and configurable by the user.

For the community users:-

  • User can select type of watermark for their images.
  • User can select watermark position on the images.
  • User can assign max width and height of watermark.
  • User can enable backup media option to have backup of their images.
  • User can upload images for image watermarking.
  • User can select various font settings like font-style, font-size etc for text based watermark.


Admin settings screen:


User settings screen:


After watermark:


Note:- The user watermarking is only available for BuddyPress user uploaded media(Groups/sitewide are not supported yet).

Release History

  • Version: 1.0.0

    Monday, 20 May, 2019
    • Tested With: MediaPress 1.4.4
    • Compatible With: MediaPress 1.4 +

    Plugin release