Free Plugins

Limit Groups Per User

Limit Groups per user plugin for BuddyPress limits the number of group a user can create. What It does:- This plugin allows site admins to restrict the maximum number of…

Limit Blogs Per User

Limit Blogs Per User plugin allows the site admins to put a limit on how many blogs a user can create on a WordPress Multisite Network.

Rescue Me From Groups

This is a quick hack rather than a plugin. It allows users to participate in the forum discussions of public groups of a BuddyPress based network without joining the group.…

BuddyPress Sitewide Activity Widget

BuddyPress Sitewide Activity Widget

BuddyPress sitewide activity Widget allows you to show the sitewide activity on a buddypress network as a widget. Features:- Posting from widget Activity list can be restricted to logged in…

BP Wire

BP Wire is a plugin which adds the Wire functionality Back to BuddyPress. It allows site admins to Use wire or scrapbook or wall like feature for their Users.

BuddyPress User Info Widget

BuddyPress User Info Widget( earlier BuddyPress profile widget for blogs) allows Blog admins to show their BuddyPress user profiles on their blogs using this widget.You can select which profile fields…

Remove Blog Slug Plugin

Remove Blog Slug Plugin

Remove /blog slug plugin for wpmu allows you to remove /blog slug from the sub directory install of your wordpress mu or wordpress 3.0 multisite. In the sub directory style…

Recently Created Blogs Widget

Recently Created Blogs widget allows siteadmins to show the most recently created blogs on a wordpress multisite & BuddyPress Network. This plugin is for WordPress multisite and works with/without BuddyPress.

BPDev Logout Redirect

BPDev Logout Redirect

Logout redirect plugin allows siteadmin to redirect the users to main site on the WordPress multiite blog network. It does following:- For WPMU, redirect users to main site, when they…

BuddyPress Redirect To Profile

BuddyPress Redirect to profile plugin redirect user to their profile when they login. The functionality can be summarize as :- Redirect a user to their profile, whether they login through…