Social Subscribe Box

Social Subscribe Box is a fun-filled way to let your users subscribe to your Mailchimp newsletter on your WordPress site. It also supports linking to your social media profiles(for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn).


  • Mailchimp Newsletter Subscription
  • Social profile links for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ & LinkedIn.
  • Completely customizable behavior and appearance(slideout box behavior/appearance)
  • Simple, easy and fun, and lightweight.

We strongly believe that the plugins should be simple, lightweight, and fun. All the plugins that we wanted to use had a lot of unnecessary bloats. That's why we wrote our own. You can see it in use on this site.


Have fun.

Release History

  • Version: 1.0.0

    Monday, 09 July, 2018
    • Tested With: WordPress 5.6
    • Compatible With: WordPress 4.7+

    Initial release