WordPress User Login Notifier

WordPress User Login Notifier plugin notifies users and admin on a WordPress site about failed or successful logins. Who gets message can be customized from admin settings.


  •  Notify site admin of failed login attempt
  • Notify User of failed login attempt
  • Notify Site admin of successful login
  • Notify user of successful login
  • All of the settings can be turned on/off from admin settings page


Failed Login Admin Notification:-


Failed Login User notification:-


Successful login User notification:-

login-notification-adminSuccessful login User notification:-


Admin Settings Page options:-


Release History

  • Version: 1.0.5

    Sunday, 18 October, 2020
    • Tested With: WordPress 5.5
    • Compatible With: WordPress 4.0+

    Test for WordPress latest version compatibility.

  • Version: 1.0.4

    Sunday, 03 March, 2019
    • Tested With: WordPress 4.5
    • Compatible With: WordPress 4.0+

    Added PHP7+ Compatibility
    Added filters for various messages.

  • Version: 1.0.2

    Monday, 05 June, 2017
    • Tested With: BuddyPress 2.8.2
    • Compatible With: BuddyPress 2.4+

    1. Add admin option to allow extra emails to be notified.
    2. Little cleanup and compatibility with ajax login.

  • Version: 1.0.0

    Saturday, 16 May, 2015
    • Tested With: WordPress 4.2.2
    • Compatible With: WordPress 4.0+

    Initial release