Prevent Duplicate BuddyPress Group Names

Do you want to stop duplicate BuddyPress group names from being used on your site? You are in luck as one of our members asked me the same.

Why do we need to prevent duplicate BuddyPress Group names?

No body wants to live in a city where every house has same number and looks similar from outside. Having duplicate group names is confusing.

How do we prevent duplicate BuddyPress Group names:-

Good question. We need to add a check at all the places from where the group names are updated.

How the BuddyPress Group Name is updated?

In normal case, there are two ways.

  • The user can enter group name on the group create screen.
  • Or the group admins can update it on group edit screen

We will see strategies to put a check for both these screens.

Before we go further and write code, we can break this duplicate prevention problem into two parts.

  • Part 1:- Check if the given name is a duplicate BuddyPress group name?
  • Part 2:- Prevent the duplicate name from being used on various updatable screens.

Part 1:- Check if the given group name is already used on the site.

We can write a simple function that tests if the given name exists. The second parameter is used when testing the duplicate name for existing groups.

Part 2:- Preventing duplicates from being saved.

Since we have to do it for 2 screens, we will be breaking into two steps.

Step 1:- Prevent duplicate group names on group create screen

Step 2:- Disallow duplicate group names on group edits

The code should be put in your bp-custom.php. Not sure how to add the code to your bp-custom.php? you can use our custom code service and one of our developers can put the things in place.

Happy BuddyPressing Buddy 🙂

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