Resizing & Optimizing Photos Uploaded by MediaPress

Since Our initial release of MediaPress Beta, We got a lot of questions on how to optimize images after upload and minimize the disk space. Today, I wanted to show you how easy it was to bridge MediaPress with other existing plugins for the task.

Two of the plugins that we were asked for compatibility with are:-

It is very easy to use these two or any other plugin with MediaPress.

Using MediaPress with Resize Image After Upload plugin:-

To enable support for Resize Image After Upload plugin, you can add this line to your bp-custom.php

That's all. I have made sure that it does not cause a fatal error if the Resize Image after upload plugin is deactivated. Now, The Resize Image after upload plugin will resize/optimize any image uploaded with MediaPress after this change.

Using MediaPress With EWWW Image Optimizer Plugin:-

It seems that this plugin does not need any change but in case it is not working for MediaPress, You can put these two lines in your bp-custom.php


More tips for MediaPress, coming soon 🙂 Looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

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