[Resolved] 404error on group page after implemet New Group Tab

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    Dennis Maurer on #37159

    Hi There,

    i’m using the Groups Tab Creater Pro and buddyboss. I’ve created a new group tab, which was shown in my groups very well last week.
    Since Yesterday, i have an issue with this plugin.
    When i want to visit a group, i get a 404 error. When i deactivate the Plugin, i can visit every group.
    when i have the plugin activate and go to a specific groups tab like http://oyon.eu/gruppen/testtest10/photos, then i can visit the group. (testtest10 is my group name). when i only use http://oyon.eu/gruppen/testtest10/ or want to visit the group from the generel group page, i get an error 404.

    What can i do or change in the plugin setting so that i can again visit my groups from the generell groups page with a new group tap?


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    Brajesh Singh on #37309

    Hi Dennis,
    I am closing this in favour of https://buddydev.com/support/forums/topic/new-tab-from-group-tab-creator-pro-not-working/

    Please feel free to open another tooic if you need assistance.


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