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    ljmac on #4324

    Hi Brajesh,

    Now that I’ve gotten Activity As Wire working without any errors, it struck me that there is a huge gaping hole in BP’s functionality as a social network, particularly in relation to plug-ins that allow you to post on other people’s profiles (or BP’s built-in public messaging function).

    In short, the person who you are posting to can do nothing about your post. There are many occasions they may want to, the most obvious one being that they don’t want the post on their profile.

    We need some way of giving people the power to delete such posts. I think what we need is a delete button that shows up when the activity is an update (NOT a blog, group or forum activity) AND the user is mentioned in the post. I assume this would be a very simple bit of coding for somebody like you, but is potentially enormously valuable.

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    Brajesh Singh on #4336

    Thank you for posting it. It is a nice idea and I believe we need to think a little more.

    Though it will be a good idea to allow deleting other’s comment on your post, I believe deleting another user’s update is not a good idea. Instead, we can actually do something liek facebook does. Do not allow tagging or hiding from the wall?

    What do you think?

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    ljmac on #4337

    Hi Brajesh,

    I am actually thinking in terms of what Facebook does – there, once somebody posts on your wall, you can do with it as you please – delete it, change the privacy or whatever. However, as I said it MUST be restricted to activity posts to a specific person’s profile – we can’t allow deleting of activities intended for a wider audience.

    Still, I guess implementing a system to optionally prevent people from posting on your wall would be a reasonable compromise – indeed, I think this would be a good idea whether we allow activity deletion or not.

    I absolutely agree that being able to delete comments on one’s own activities is an absolute must. Perhaps you could make the activity deleting capability an optional extra for those who think it’s useful.

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